A liqueur made from figs at home – recipe - Alcohol and Tradition

A liqueur made from figs at home – recipe

домашний ликер из инжира

Homemade fig liqueur according to this recipe is remembered for its sweet and spicy taste with fruity notes and a persistent aroma of spices. Even experienced tasters can’t guess what the drink is made of. It turns out a dessert alcohol of moderate strength, which does not require snacks.

As an alcoholic base, I advise you to use cheap, but natural cognac-tannic notes perfectly complement figs with spices. Instead of cognac, vodka, well-purified moonshine or diluted with water to 40-45% ethyl alcohol will be suitable, but the taste of the drink will be slightly worse.


  • vodka (cognac, moonshine, alcohol 40-45%) – 750 ml;
  • figs – 8 pieces fresh or 5-6 dried (dried);
  • masala tea – 3 sachets or 1 teaspoon with a slide;
  • liquid honey (sugar) – 350 ml;
  • water – 250 ml.

Masala-black tea with Indian spices and herbs (cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cloves, etc.). The ready-to-brew mixture is sold in stores. I advise you to take tea bags –it will be easier to filter the tea. For a soft taste, liquid flower honey is ideal.

Fig Liqueur Recipe

1. Boil water and remove from heat. Add the tea, infuse for 3 minutes, then filter through a sieve (or simply remove the bags).

2. Cool the liquid to 40 °C, add honey (at a higher temperature, honey loses useful substances), mix until completely dissolved. The resulting syrup is cooled to room temperature.

3. In a glass container for infusion, mix the sliced figs, cognac (vodka) and cold syrup. Seal tightly.

4. Leave the container for 3 days in a dark, warm place. Shake once a day.

5. Strain the finished homemade fig liqueur through a cheesecloth or strainer, squeeze out the pulp. Taste it, if desired, additionally sweeten with honey (sugar).

6. Filter the drink through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to remove the haze. Pour into storage bottles, close tightly.

Away from direct sunlight Shelf life is up to 1 year. Fortress – 21-23%.

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