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After how long does beer disappear from the body

как быстро выветривается пивоBeer is considered one of the most popular low – alcohol drinks, but it has one significant drawback-a specific smell that instantly gives away a person who has drunk at least one bottle. It is useful for drivers to know how long the beer is drained from the body. The problem is not only in the smell (it can be muffled), it is much more important to correctly calculate how long after drinking a bottle of beer, the alcohol in the blood will return to normal, and you can get behind the wheel.

We talked about the norm of alcohol in the driver’s blood earlier, but now I will just remind you that according to the new legislation, it should not exceed 0.16 mg of ethyl alcohol per 1 liter of exhaled air. This is a very insignificant indicator, which is not even recorded by all household breathalyzers. Therefore, a responsible person will never drive a vehicle if he is not sure of his sobriety.

And to get rid of the smell of alcohol is only half the battle, so you can only deceive the traffic police inspector, but not his breathalyzer, the device will immediately show intoxication. So next we’ll find out how long it takes for the beer to fade.

The answer to this question depends on the weight of the person and the physiological characteristics of his body. In obese people, alcohol is processed faster than in thin people, but much also depends on the state of the liver. The time of weathering of a bottle of beer will be different for everyone, but some general recommendations can still be given:

  • Even if you have drunk only one bottle of beer, you can not get behind the wheel before 5-6 hours. You can absolutely not feel intoxicated, but the breathalyzer will show an excess of the norm, which is fraught with great trouble.
  • If you have drunk more than 1 liter of beer, then on the same day you can no longer drive a car, you need to pass 12-15 hours, only after this time you can get behind the wheel again.
  • Also, on the second day after drinking alcohol, you should take care of your appearance, a “dented” driver instantly arouses suspicion and traffic police officers.

It should be remembered that alcohol has a negative effect on the driver’s reaction. At an alcohol concentration of 0.5 ppm (about one bottle of beer), it is difficult to correctly determine the speed of moving objects. At 0.5-0.8 ppm (1 liter of beer) – the eyes do not react well to changes in lighting and red color. After 1 liter of beer, the driver’s viewing angle significantly narrows, he ceases to see what is happening on the sides of the road. After 2.5 liters of beer, a person loses the ability to drive any vehicle.

через сколько после пива можно за руль

So it’s better not to drive…
Conclusion: the time after which beer is excreted from the body depends on your physiological characteristics and the state of the liver. Even after just one bottle of beer earlier than 5-6 hours, it is better not to get behind the wheel.

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