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Altbier – description of the beer style

пиво Altbier

This variety matures in the cold, so it has a cleaner and more rounded profile. Within one style, a wide range of tastes and aromas is acceptable.

Altbir appeared in Dusseldorf, the name of the variety translates as “old beer”, and in this city, indeed, you can still find traditional samples brewed using old technologies.

The style is characterized by a balanced hop-malt profile with a pronounced bittersweet taste. The aroma is clearly felt grain, spices, fruit esters, tones of nuts, toast, bread. Zhatetsky hops are characterized by floral and herbaceous notes.

Altbir has a pronounced amber hue, the intensity of which can vary from light orange to almost brown. The drink is transparent, shiny, and forms a strong creamy foam in the glass.

A characteristic feature of the style is a stable balance of hop bitterness and fresh malt. Despite the good fermentation, the bouquet retains grain flavors. The finish is dry, but with a residual sweetness, nut tones can be felt. Nuances of roasted malt are unacceptable, but light sulfurous and / or mineral notes do not contradict the standards of the variety.

In the mouth, the drink feels light-bodied, rounded, fragrant. Astringency is minimal, carbonation is average. Altbir is made on the basis of a whole collection of malts: Pilz, Munich, caramel, chocolate, black, even fried wheat is allowed. Preferred zhatetsky hops, ale yeast. It can be used both decoction and step mashing.

Compared to the international amber lager, altbir has a more pronounced taste. Vaguely reminiscent of California regular beer.

фото стиля пива Altbier

Strength: 4.3-5.5%.

Density: initial 1.044-1.052, final 1.00-1.014.

Bitterness index: 25-50 IBU.

Color: 11-17 SRM.

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