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Chocolate liqueur Mozart – Mozart) – types and culture of drinking

фото этикетки ликера Моцарт

Chocolate liqueur Mozart is produced in the birthplace of the great composer in Austria. The brand line includes six items with a strength of 15% to 40%. The manufacturer claims that each bottle is backed by 150 years of experience and inspiration, thanks to which it is possible to create new flavors and maintain excellent quality. The brand is a leader in the global market of chocolate liqueurs, supplying products to 70 countries.

Historical background

Mozart Distillerie GmbH was founded in 1954 in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s hometown of Salzburg. Initially, the company was called H. C. König in honor of the founder Harald König. Then the management of the company decided to build a brand around the name of Amadeus Mozart and did not lose. During the production of liqueurs, the music of the brilliant composer continuously plays, and the cocoa is mixed with ultrasound, so that the liquor gets an ideal consistency.

In 2008, 50% of the company’s shares were purchased by Suntory Limited, a subsidiary of the Suntory Group. This deal allowed Mozart to expand beyond the European market and gain recognition in the East.

Chocolate liqueurs are a priority, but not the only activity of the company. Mozart also produces elite chocolate.

фото шоколадного ликера Моцарт

In its pure form, Mozart liqueur is drunk from glasses well chilled or from glasses with ice. For snacks, sweets are suitable. The drink also goes well with coffee

Technology of preparation

All Mozart liqueurs have one thing in common: they are made from natural ingredients such as chocolate, cane sugar, bourbon vanilla and alcohol. Colorants, flavorings, and fragrances are not used. The exact recipe is kept secret, but it is known that the basis for all liqueurs is cocoa distillate of varying degrees of aging. The manufacturer believes that the success of the product is due to the successful selection of the proportions of the ingredients and the unique technology of crushing the components with sound and ultrasound.

First, the selected cocoa grains of the Forastero and Trinitario varieties are subjected to cold maceration (soaking) in alcohol from cane sugar. The infusion lasts at least 2 months. Then part of the infusion is distilled, and the resulting distillate is combined with the remaining infusion by conching – intensive mixing at high temperatures under the influence of sound (including musical works by Amadeus Mozart) and ultrasound. The company calls this technology “sound-milling”. Thanks to conching, cocoa solids are broken down and better mixed with other components, resulting in an alcoholic drink of an ideal consistency.

выдержка ликера Моцарт в бочках

Aging in barrels is not typical for most cream and chocolate liqueurs, but at Mozart Distillerie GmbH this is a mandatory step
Finally, the Mozart liqueur is poured into characteristic pot-bellied bottles, wrapped in elegant light-proof packaging paper that protects against the negative effects of sunlight.

Types of liqueurs Mozart

White Chocolate Cream Strawberry (Strawberries with white chocolate)

Serve chilled or with ice in pure form or as part of a frappe. The rich fruit bouquet makes the liqueur an indispensable ingredient in cocktails. The composition includes refined sugar, fresh strawberries, bourbon vanilla, cream, cocoa butter. The strength of 15%.

Frappe recipe: 40-60 ml of liqueur, 2 balls of vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries to taste. Put the ice cream in a cocktail glass, pour the liqueur, and garnish with berries.

Gold Chocolate Cream (Milk chocolate)

It contains Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa. Served lightly chilled as a digestif or added to desserts such as vanilla ice cream. It goes well with coffee. The fortress is 17%.

White Chocolate Vanilla Cream (White chocolate with vanilla)

Among the ingredients are vanilla, caramel, fresh cream, white chocolate. The bouquet can be traced clear fruity notes. It has a soft velvety taste, the fat content is 60% less than in Irish Cream liqueurs (the most famous representative is Baylis). Served chilled, best served with seasonal fruit. It is a part of popular cocktails. Fortress – 15%.

Dark Chocolate (Dark chocolate)

The taste is dominated by bitter chocolate, vanilla and caramel, in the bouquet there are “smoky” notes and a slight bitterness. The cocoa distillate for this liqueur is aged for two years in oak barrels. The drink is drunk both in its pure form, and with coffee or as part of cocktails. The fortress is 17%.

R. G. Premium Chocolate Cream (Excellent milk chocolate)

The latest development of the company, made from elite Belgian chocolate, cocoa varieties Forastero and Trinitario, Madagascar vanilla, fresh cream, cocoa butter and alcohol. Cocoa distillate matures in oak barrels for at least 6 months. The fortress is 17%.

Chocolate Vodka (Chocolate vodka)

Undiluted distillate of chocolate tincture without sugar. Produced in a separate factory. The strength of 40%.

виды ликера Моцарт

Cocktails with Mozart liqueur

1. Choco Mint. Take equal parts of vodka, liqueurs Mozart Chocolate Cream, White Chocolate Vanilla Cream, White Crème de Menthe, mix in a shaker, serve with a sprig of mint.

2. Chocolate Colada. 30 ml of white rum, the same amount of White Chocolate Vanilla Cream liqueur, 20 ml of coconut syrup and 100 ml of pineapple juice. Mix everything in a glass, serve with a piece of pineapple and (or) a cocktail cherry.

Пина Колада с ликером Моцарт

Chocolate Colada
3. Hot and White. 20 ml vodka, a small pod of chili pepper, 40 ml White Chocolate Vanilla Cream, 10 ml cream. Mix all the ingredients and serve with a cinnamon stick.

4. Chocolate Martini. 30 ml tequila, 15 ml Dark Chocolate, 15 ml Triple Sec, 10 ml lime juice. Mix everything in a shaker, pre-dip the edge of the glass in sugar.

5. Chocolate Caipirovska. 40 ml vodka, 20 ml Dark Chocolate, 1 lime, brown cane sugar to taste. Mix the ingredients in a cocktail glass, cut the lime into quarters.

6. Chocolate Gimlet. 40 ml gin, 15 ml lime juice, 15 ml Dark Chocolate. Mix everything together and serve in a tumbler.

7. Salzburgh Lemonade. 40 ml Chocolate Vodka, 15 ml orange liqueur, 15 ml lemon juice, lemonade to taste. Mix all the ingredients and serve in a high tumbler.

8. Tabula Rasa. 30 ml Chocolate Vodka, 20 ml bitter, 20 ml red vermouth. Mix everything together and serve in a tumbler decorated with orange zest.

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