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Cleaning of moonshine with soda (food, caustic and with potassium permanganate)

как чистить самогон пищевой содой

To improve the quality of distillate, moonshiners use any available methods of cleaning from harmful impurities. The most popular were soda and potassium permanganate. With the right approach, the use of these substances makes sense. We will look at how to clean moonshine with soda (separately or together with potassium permanganate and alkali), so that anyone can repeat this process.

The smaller the strength of the moonshine, the better it can be cleaned. Therefore, first I advise you to dilute the drink to the desired strength (40 degrees), and only then clean it.

Soda cleaning technology

1. Soda at the rate of 10 grams per 1 liter of moonshine is diluted in approximately the same amount of water to obtain a concentrated solution. For example, to clean 10 liters of moonshine, you will need 100 grams of soda and 100 ml of water.

2. Pour the soda solution into the moonshine.

3. Close the jar with a lid, shake well.

4. Infuse for 30-40 minutes.

5. Shake again, put the jar in a dark place for 12-14 hours.

6. Drain the moonshine from the sediment and filter through cotton wool or charcoal.

Cleaning with soda, potassium permanganate and alkali

A combined method that has proven itself well. Potassium permanganate removes fusel oils, baking soda-acetic acid, alkali (caustic soda) – other harmful impurities. With the right approach, these three substances do not interfere with each other. As a result, the entire cleaning process takes less time, the quality becomes better, and the moonshine loses its unpleasant smell. If there is no alkali, you can limit yourself to baking soda and potassium permanganate.

Sequence of actions

1. Dilute in a glass of water potassium permanganate at the rate of 1.5 grams per 1 liter of moonshine.

2. Make a soda solution according to the 1st point of the previous method.

3. Pour a solution of baking soda into the moonshine, mix, add potassium permanganate.

4. Infuse for 20-30 minutes.

5. Dilute the lye with water in equal proportions at the rate of 2 grams of lye per 1 liter of moonshine. At the same time, it is important to pour the lye, and not add it to the water.

6. Cover the moonshine with a lid and put it in a dark place for 12-14 hours (until the sediment appears on the bottom of the jar).

7. Filter the drink through cotton wool or charcoal.

фото самогона после очистки пищевой содой

Attention! After cleaning, I advise you to do a second distillation of moonshine. This is very important in the case of using potassium permanganate, which, when interacting with ethyl alcohol, releases a number of harmful substances (potassium hydroxide, manganese oxide, etc.). It is not safe to drink moonshine without distillation with soda residues and manganese decomposition products.

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