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Cocktail “Mint Julep”: composition, proportions, recipe, history

мятный джулеп

In this cocktail, the sharp taste of bourbon (American corn whiskey) is perfectly combined with the rich aroma of mint, and the sharpness and high strength of the mixture perfectly smoothes the sugar syrup. Mint Julep is easy to prepare at home, but the taste of the drink will be appreciated only by experienced connoisseurs of bar culture who are tired of the classics.

Historical background

The word “Julep” came to English from the Arabic gulab (jul – rose, ab-water) and literally translates as “rose water”. So in the Middle Ages called the medicine, which was aged and distilled on rose petals. The result was a herbal tincture for any ailments. Such a tool is still produced in India, but for cosmetic purposes.

The first written mention of Julep in the context of an alcoholic drink with mint occurs in 1787. This is one of the oldest cocktails in the world. Residents of the Southern United States (Maryland, Virginia, or North Carolina) liked to add a few mint leaves to strong spirits (rum, gin, brandy, or whiskey). John Davis wrote about this in 1803 in his book “Travels of four years and a half in the United States of America”.

The classic recipe for Mint Julep appeared near the end of the XIX century in Kentucky, where the local corn whiskey began to add slightly crushed mint leaves. It turned out that bourbon is better than other strong alcoholic beverages combined with mint.

In 1938, the Mint Julep cocktail became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, a horse race that features the best riders of the southern United States. For 2 days of the competition, the audience drinks about 120 thousand servings of a cocktail.

At the moment, the cocktail “Mint Julep” is included in the official list of the International Association of Bartenders and is presented in the section “Modern Classics”.

Mint Julep Recipe

Composition and proportions:

  • bourbon – 60 ml;
  • mint – 12 fresh leaves;
  • powdered sugar – 1 teaspoon;
  • water (without gas) – 2 teaspoons;
  • crushed ice – 150 grams.

коктейль мятный джулеп

Traditional glass
To properly prepare a Mint Julep in a copper, pewter or silver mug. If there is no such container at home, ordinary glasses with a thick bottom – rocks or old fashion-will do.

The technology of preparation

1. Put the mint in the bottom of a pre-cooled glass.

2. Add powdered sugar and water.

3. Mash the mint with a madler until the sugar dissolves.

To get a rich mint taste, the leaves need to be kneaded intensively for at least 60 seconds and leave for 5 minutes before adding alcohol to release essential oils.

4. Pour in 40 ml of bourbon.

5. Fill the glass with ice to the top. Stir the cocktail with a spoon until the walls of the glass (mug) are covered with perspiration.

6. Add 20 ml of bourbon, add a little ice (to the top of the glass).

7. Mix lightly. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

домашний коктейль мятный джулеп

The cooking method from Vasily Zakharov is shown in the video.

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