Cocktail Stinger: recipe, composition, proportions, history - Alcohol and Tradition

Cocktail Stinger: recipe, composition, proportions, history

алкогольный коктейль Стингер

Stinger is an alcoholic cocktail with a strength of about 30% vol. with a clear mint smell and taste, as well as tones of oak aging. Traditionally served in martini glasses. It applies to digestives (alcohol after meals) and cocktails at bedtime (nightcap), but at the same time it relieves a hangover well. It is considered the best manifestation of bar classics: refined, strict and refined.

Historical background

The author of the Stinger cocktail is not exactly known. According to one version, the drink at the beginning of the XX century was invented by J. C. O’Connor – the owner of a gentleman’s cafe in San Francisco. He mixed cognac with mint liqueur in a ratio of 1: 4 and served it in a sherry glass. Another version attributes the authorship of the Stinger to New York bartender Tom Bullock, who published the cocktail recipe in his book The Ideal Bartender in 1917. According to the third version, the Stinger cocktail was invented by the Vanderbilts – one of the richest and most influential families in the United States of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

In English, “stinger” is a sting, but in jargon this word can mean a sharp blow and even a strong alcoholic intoxication. The exact meaning of the cocktail’s name is unknown.

In the 1950s, the Stinger was considered a symbol of New York’s nightlife and was popular in the glamorous hangouts of the rich. The drink appeared more than once in the movies: High Society (1956), Kiss Them For Me (1957), The Apartment (1960) and in the TV series Mad Mep (2007-2015). In the film “High Society” (1956), the main character offers his girlfriend to drink a portion of Stinger to treat a hangover, because it “pulls the sting out of her head.”

In the 1970s, the popularity of Stinger declined-sophisticated glamorous parties began to go out of fashion, as well as the drinks that were associated with them, the public demanded something simpler. Despite this, the Stinger cocktail received a place in the official codification of the International Bartender Association (IBA) in the category Unforgettable (Unforgettable).

Stinger Cocktail Recipe

Composition and proportions:

  • transparent mint liqueur-20 ml;
  • cognac or brandy – 70 ml;
  • ice cubes – 100 g;
  • mint leaf-for decoration (optional).

The classic Stinger is prepared with a clear mint liqueur, if you take a green liqueur, you will get a Green Hornet cocktail. The taste of both drinks is almost identical, but significantly different in color-green liquor completely interrupts the cognac shade. As an alcoholic base, any high-quality cognac or grape brandy aged 4-7 years will be suitable.

The taste of the Stinger is close to the Grasshopper cocktail, but without notes of cream and chocolate.


1. Mix cognac and mint liqueur in a shaker with ice.

2. Pour the mixture through a strainer (bar strainer) into a pre-cooled serving glass.

3. If desired, garnish with a mint leaf. Serve without a straw.

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