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Czech amber lager – description of the beer style

пиво Czech Amber Lager

A distinctive feature of the style is a bright malt note. Hop bitterness is also felt, but its intensity depends on the manufacturer and can be extremely moderate, almost absent. Also, the bouquet may show nuances of toast, caramel, sweets, spices, fruits, berries. A diacetyl note is allowed.

The color is rich and bright. The drink is transparent, not cloudy. In a glass, it forms a stable creamy foam.

The taste is always malty, although the shades depend on the manufacturer: some representatives of the style have a dry, tart bouquet, others – sweet, with distinct caramel tones. Background hops.

On the tongue, the beer feels rounded, slightly creamy, medium-bodied. Carbonation is easy, there is no “carbonation” effect.

Czech amber lager is an interpretation of the Viennese style, which has undergone parochial changes. At home, the drink is called polotmavé pivo.

Two types of hops are taken as a basis: pils and caramel, but it is also allowed to use Vienna and Munich hops. Hops and camp yeast should be exclusively of Czech origin. The result is a beer with a rich rich bouquet, a bit like a Czech light premium lager, but more malty. In comparison with the Viennese lager, on the contrary, the taste is felt zhatetsky hops, and the style differs from the English bitter with a pronounced caramel profile.

стиль пива Czech Amber Lager

Strength: 4.4-5.8%.

Density: initial 1.044-1.060, final 1.013-1.017.

Bitterness index: 20-35 IBU.

Color: 10-16 SRM.

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