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Freezing point of vodka in the refrigerator and outside

температура замерзания водки

I know many people who put a bottle in the refrigerator for cooling, then found an unpleasant fact-their vodka froze. So that you do not get into such an unpleasant situation, we will understand at what temperature vodka freezes and what this process depends on. You need to cool the drink wisely.

It is generally believed that the easiest way to check the quality of vodka is to put it in the freezer for a few hours. This is partly true, but you need to understand the essence of the process. The freezing point of any alcoholic beverage directly depends on the alcohol content in it. The higher this percentage, the lower the temperature can withstand a hot drink, while remaining in a liquid state.

The usual 40-degree vodka freezes at a temperature of -25 to -32 degrees Celsius. The large temperature variation is caused by different composition and quality. In addition to alcohol and water, vodka may contain other additives-salt, sugar and flavorings. They lead to faster freezing.

In turn, in the freezer compartment of a conventional household refrigerator, you can set the maximum temperature to -24°C. This means that the vodka in the refrigerator should not freeze at all. If after a few hours in the freezer, your vodka still froze, then this indicates its poor quality or low strength. You can not defrost and drink such vodka. It is better to go immediately for another bottle.

Anyone who decided to cool vodka on the street first need to know the temperature forecast for the near future. If a frost of no more than -25°C is expected, then you can safely leave the bottle “overboard”, nothing will happen to it. Despite this, I recommend cooling the vodka only in the refrigerator. This will avoid unpleasant surprises associated with a sharp cold snap.

замерзает ли водка

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P.S. Experts recommend drinking vodka at a temperature of +8°C. It is in such conditions that it reveals its real taste and smell. Supercooled vodka loses some of its qualities, and you risk a cold throat.

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