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Home recipe for cedar tincture on vodka (moonshine, alcohol)

домашняя кедровка

Infusing vodka or moonshine on pine nuts turns ordinary, boring alcohol into a completely different drink that is easy to drink and in moderation does not cause a hangover. In the people, these tinctures are called “Cedarwood” and used to be often used for medicinal purposes. We will look at the best recipes that allow you to make cedar moonshine or vodka at home. This simple cooking technology will master even beginners. Let’s start with the classics.


  • unpeeled pine nuts-40 grams;
  • orange peel-2-3 grams;
  • vanillin-on the tip of a knife;
  • fresh blackcurrant leaf – 1 piece;
  • sugar – 1 tablespoon;
  • moonshine (vodka, diluted to 40-45% alcohol) – 0.5 liters.

Orange peel is not necessary to buy in the store, it is enough to cut off the thin upper yellow layer of the peel and dry it in the sun for 1-2 days. At the same time, it is important not to touch the white skin containing bitterness. Orange zest and blackcurrant leaf can not be added at all, but then the taste of cedar will be more sharp.

As an alcoholic base, vodka, alcohol diluted to 45 degrees or well-purified moonshine (preferably double distilled) is suitable. The taste depends on the selected alcohol, so the choice should be approached responsibly, avoiding low-quality distillates.

Cedar Tincture Recipe

1. Put the nuts in a metal container, pour boiling water, mix. After 5 minutes, drain the water. Repeat 3 times. Steaming allows you to remove the resin base of pine nuts, so that the tincture becomes tastier, as the unpleasant smell of resin disappears.

2. Put the washed nuts in a jar, add sugar, orange zest, black currant leaf and vanilla.

3. Pour the mixture with vodka and mix well.

4. Close the jar with a lid, put it in a warm, dark place for 10 days. Shake once every 2-3 days.

5. Strain the cedar through cheesecloth, put it in a cool, dark place for 3-4 days, so that the drink settles. After that, you can try it.

As a result of cooking, you will get an easy-to-drink tincture on pine nuts with an original balanced taste. Shelf life-up to 5 years. Fortress — 37-38%.

кедровая настойка на водке

Alternative recipe for homemade cedar wood

In this drink, the aroma and taste of nuts are sharper. If you decide to make cedarwood on moonshine, I recommend using this recipe.

Ingredients and proportions:

  • pine nuts with shell – 100 grams;
  • sugar – 110 grams;
  • carnation – 1 bud;
  • moonshine (vodka, alcohol) – 2 liters.


1. Break the unpeeled nuts into 2 parts with a hammer and put them in a liter jar.

2. Add sugar and cloves. Mix, pour 1 liter of moonshine or vodka.

3. Close the jar with a lid, put the tincture for 7-10 days in a dark, warm place. Shake once every 3 days.

4. Filter the drink through cheesecloth or filter paper.

5. You will get a concentrate of cedar moonshine, the color resembles strong tea. To make the taste softer, the infusion should be diluted in a ratio of 1:1 with pure moonshine or vodka.

концентрированный кедровый настой

Concentrate that requires dilution

6. Pour the resulting cedar into bottles.

In a dark, cool place, the shelf life of the tincture is almost unlimited. The fortress is 35-36 degrees.

домашняя кедровая настойка

Ready-made tincture

Medicinal tincture of vodka on pine nuts

This recipe is used to treat and prevent colds, improve immunity, from beriberi, anemia, nervous disorders and lung disease. As an alcoholic basis, vodka or alcohol is taken. Moonshine is not suitable.


  • pine nuts – 1 kg;
  • boiled water – 1 liter;
  • vodka (alcohol 40-45 degrees) – 1 liter;
  • honey – 1 kg.


1. Fill the pine nuts in a 3-liter jar.

2. Add the boiled water so that it covers the entire layer of nuts. Close the jar with a lid, put it in a warm, dark place for 4 days.

3. Pour vodka (alcohol), mix, insist for another 30 days.

4. Add honey and mix well.

5. Filter the finished cedar vodka through cheesecloth, squeeze the cake well. Pour into storage bottles and seal tightly.

This healing tincture is drunk in small portions – no more than 50 grams at a time before eating.

Another recipe for drinking cedar tincture is shown in the video.

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