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How to dilute vodka with juices

On a hot day, there is a desire to treat yourself to simple refreshing alcoholic beverages that can be made in one or two minutes. The first thing that comes to mind is to mix vodka with juice. If you choose the right juice and proportions, you get a very tasty and moderately strong drink.

It is believed that vodka with juice is harmful to health. In fact, this is not so, it is harmful to drink alcohol with soda. Gas bubbles irritate the gastric mucosa and contribute to the rapid absorption of alcohol into the blood. In moderation, freshly squeezed juice in combination with vodka will not affect your well-being in any way.

Vodka goes well with such juices:

Orange-in Russia, this drink is called “Screwdriver”. In the classic recipe, vodka with orange juice is mixed in a ratio of 1 to 2.5 (1 part vodka and 2.5 parts juice). You can also add a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon. This simple cocktail was invented by American oil workers who worked in Saudi Arabia, where the use of alcohol is prohibited. Workers had to mask the alcohol by mixing it with juice.

Tomato – add 2 parts of tomato juice to one part of vodka, it turns out very tasty. In more complex variations, a “Bloody Mary” cocktail is obtained, in which salt, pepper and lemon juice are also added. But this is for an Amateur. It is enough to mix vodka with tomato juice and drink an excellent unsweetened alcoholic

Cranberry-the proportions are the same as in the previous case. The result is a slightly tart cocktail drink of moderate strength.

Apple juice is ideal for green Apple varieties that do not have excessive sweetness and pulp. Three parts of Apple juice are added to one part of vodka. Many of my friends believe that in many ways this combination resembles a Martini.

Cherry – there is an opinion that vodka with cherry juice is absorbed more slowly into the blood and a person does not get drunk longer, but this is not scientifically proven. Optimal ratio: 1 part vodka to 2-3 parts cherry juice. Depending on the variety of cherries, the drink turns out to be sweet or slightly sour. I advise you to try it.

Grapefruit-this bitter-sour juice with a sweet aftertaste is also perfectly combined with vodka. Dilute it in a ratio of 1 to 3. Interestingly, the result is a sweet cocktail that perfectly quenches thirst.

Pomegranate – if you have fresh pomegranate juice, be sure to dilute it with vodka (1 part vodka and three parts juice). The taste is difficult to describe in words, it is necessary to try.

Lemon-in the proportion of 1:2 turns out to be an easily drinkable cocktail. Lemon juice eliminates the unpleasant smell and burning alcohol taste. Before mixing, the vodka and juice should be cooled well.

I’ve talked about commonly used juices, but no one is stopping you from trying something different or changing the proportions. Even to enhance the refreshing effect, you can add a few ice cubes to the glass.

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