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How to drink Baylis – 5 tips for proper use

фото ирландского ликера Бейлис

Liquor lovers have probably heard of Bayliss. This drink perfectly combines two main components – whiskey and cream. It appeared in 1974 and for several decades has become one of the most famous liqueurs in the world. Attempts by other manufacturers to repeat the success failed, Baylis remains unique.

Baileys (English: “Baileys” or “Baileys”) is a sweet Irish cream liqueur with a strength of 17%. It is made by mixing triple distilled whiskey and fresh cream, followed by the addition of caramel, vanilla, vegetable oil and cocoa, does not contain preservatives. Some varieties of liqueur also contain mint, coffee, and chocolate.

Types of Baileys liqueur

  • Baileys The Original – the usual creamy version without additives;
  • Baileys Mint Chocolate-with mint and chocolate;
  • Baileys Creme Caramel-caramel version;
  • Baileys Coffee – with coffee.

фото видов ликер бейлис

When you first get acquainted with this liqueur, I advise you to remember about the 5 rules of its use:

1. Feed time

Baylis refers to the classic digestives-drinks served after a meal, the task of which is to promote the assimilation of food. It is appropriate to put it on the table at the very end of the meal, along with dessert dishes. As a drink for the whole evening, Baylis is rarely used, as it is combined only with a sweet snack.

2. Dishes

In its pure form, Baylis is properly drunk from liqueur glasses with a volume of 25-30 ml (pictured). If the liquor is served with ice or mixed with other drinks, then it is poured into more spacious wine or martini glasses.

фото ликера Бейлис с шоколадными конфетами

3. Temperature

Baileys are served at room temperature (18-20°C). To cool down, you can put a few ice cubes in the glass, but the liquor bottle itself is not cooled.

4. Combination with other drinks

Baileys are added to unsweetened coffee, in which case the liqueur replaces cream and sugar, additionally giving the coffee a light alcoholic tint.

Baylis can be mixed with strong alcoholic beverages that have a neutral taste, for example, with vodka and gin. This combination is more suitable for men who do not like the excessive sweetness of Bayliss. By adding vodka or gin to this liqueur, you will simultaneously raise the strength of the drink and make it not so sweet.

Baileys can not be diluted with juices, mineral water and sodas, otherwise, under the influence of acid and carbon dioxide, the cream will immediately curdle, and the liquor will become tasteless.

5. Dishes

Baileys can be eaten with any desserts. The best option is considered to be cream ice cream, which perfectly complements the taste of the liqueur. From the fruit, you can serve bananas and strawberries with cream. Also, Baileys liqueur is perfectly combined with grated chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, peanuts and sweet cottage cheese.

фото закуски клубника со сливками

One of the best options for liqueur snacks

Recently, it has become fashionable to snack on Bayliss fruit salads, dressed with yogurt or cream.

Cocktails with Bayliss

This liqueur is drunk not only in its pure form, on its basis you can prepare several delicious mixes at home.

1. B-52

The recipe on the video.

коктейль Б-52 с Бейлисом

2. Baileys-smoothies


  • cream – 50 ml;
  • coffee liqueur – 50 ml;
  • Baylis – 100 ml;
  • Lawyer liqueur — 50 ml;
  • bananas – 3 pieces.

Preparation: peel the bananas and cut them into slices. Whisk all the ingredients in a blender and pour the drink into a martini glass. On top of the cocktail, you can decorate with grated chocolate.


3. Baileys with coffee

A delicious refreshing cocktail that gives you a boost of energy in the summer.


  • cream ice cream – 100 g;
  • Baylis – 30 ml;
  • cold strong coffee – 100 ml.

Preparation: whisk all the ingredients in a blender, pour into a glass. Drink through a straw.

фото Бейлиса с кофе

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