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How to drink Egermeister – three correct methods

Initially, this liquor was created as a medicine to improve digestion. After evaluating the taste of the drink ,the “patients” began to use it just for fun. But due to the high strength and specific composition, a special approach is required here. I will tell you how to properly drink Egermeister by different methods. We will look at the nuances of serving, snacks and the most successful cocktail recipes.

Jaegermeister (from the German “Jägermeister” – senior jaeger) is a popular German liqueur with a strength of 35 degrees, produced by macerating (infusing) herbs with subsequent aging of the finished drink in oak barrels. Produced since 1935 by Mast-Jägermeister AG in Wolfenbüttel (Lower Saxony).

Since 1970, the Jaegermeister has been actively exported to more than twenty countries. Initially, the drink was popularized by musical groups playing heavy rock, among them there was even the legendary Metallica. Advertising in the Formula 1 and DTM car races played a significant role in the conquest of the world market by liquor. For a while, the inscription “Jägermeister” even flaunted on sports cars Porsche 956.

фото ликера егермейстер в стопке

Composition of the Jaegermeister and production

The exact recipe is kept secret. It is only known that the composition includes 56 ingredients, including alcohol, water, caramel, sugar, ginger, cinnamon, spicy cloves, coriander, saffron, etc.

There is an opinion that the liquor contains the blood of deer, but the manufacturer denies this. The legend appeared after the band Inkubus Sukkubus called the Jaegermeister “the sweetest blood from the antlers of the deer”in one of the songs, and fans literally took the metaphor of the musicians.

After harvesting, the herbs are dried, ground and mixed in certain proportions. Next, the mixture is poured with alcohol, infused and distilled several times. The resulting liquor is aged for a year in oak barrels. Next, the drink is filtered, sugar and caramel are added, then infused for another six months. At the final stage, the Jaegermeister is poured into special dark glass bottles that protect the drink from the negative effects of sunlight.

Methods of drinking Jaegermeister

1. Ice Shot (classic)

Suitable for those who want to drink Jaegermeister in its purest form. First, the bottle is cooled for several hours at a temperature of -18 °C, then the liqueur is poured into vodka glasses (called “shots” in the West), which are also pre-cooled. The glass is drunk in one gulp (in one gulp).

Ледяные шоты с ликером Егермейстер

Ice Shots

The cold Jaegermeister becomes stringy and sweet to the taste. Alcohol is not felt, only the aroma of herbs. The drink is ideal for an aperitif (alcohol that is served before the main meal).

2. Warm Jaegermeister

Drink at room temperature. The taste is a bit bitter, but the aroma of herbs is revealed better than in chilled form. Only 20-40 ml of liquor increases the appetite and improves the mood.

Most often, this method is practiced for therapeutic or preventive purposes, for example, the Jaegermeister helps well with colds. The medicinal properties of “Jaeger” are similar to Riga balsam, even in the history of these two liqueurs there is a lot in common.

Warning! Do not forget that the Jaegermeister is a fairly strong alcoholic drink with numerous herbs in its composition. In one evening, it is advisable to consume no more than 300 ml. Otherwise, there may be severe intoxication or problems with the digestive system (due to extracts of medicinal herbs). I also strongly do not recommend mixing Jägermeister with beer, since the effect of this combination is unpredictable.

фото ликера егермейстер с апельсином и корицей

Orange sprinkled with cinnamon-a fashionable snack under the ” Huntsman»

A few words about the snack. There are no generally accepted rules here, you can drink Jaegermeister with the dishes that you are used to. For example, the Germans eat their favorite liqueur with fried sausages, the Americans-eat a slice of orange with cinnamon, in Russia, lemon with salt is often practiced (vodka culture affects).

3. As part of cocktails

This method will appeal to fans of diluting strong alcoholic beverages. You can mix Jegermeister with orange or lemon juice, mineral water, and even sprite (the optimal ratio is one to one), but it is much more interesting to make cocktails with Jegermeister, the best recipes are presented below.

1. Black Blood


  • Blue Curacao liqueur – 50 ml;
  • jaegermeister – 20 ml;
  • sprite – 25 ml.

Preparation: Mix all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and pour into a martini glass.

2. Cucumber


  • sprite – 150 ml;
  • jaegermeister – 50 ml;
  • cucumbers – 150 grams.

Preparation: cut the cucumber into small strips, put it in a glass with ice. Add the liqueur and soda, mix with a spoon.

3. Egermonstr


  • pomegranate syrup – 30 ml;
  • jaegermeister – 30 ml;
  • orange juice – 150 ml.

Preparation: Pour all the ingredients into a serving glass and mix until smooth.

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