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How to drink liquor correctly – 4 universal methods

марки известных ликеров

To understand the taste of a particular alcoholic drink, you need to be well versed in the culture of its use. This statement is also true for liqueurs. In this article, we will talk about how to drink liqueurs in different ways. There are several universal rules that you should know about before opening a bottle. Any liquor can be drunk:

1. In its pure form

A great option for those who want to try the original taste. When choosing this method, do not forget about the following:

  • sweet liqueurs are served for dessert as a digestif (alcohol after the main meal), bitter-for an aperitif (before a meal);
  • you need a glass with a volume of 25 ml, similar in appearance to a cremanca (a container for sweet dishes) with a long leg;
  • the correct serving temperature is 12-20°C (the liquor should be cool, but not cold);
  • sweet liqueurs can be served with tea or coffee, such drinks go well with fruit;
  • most liqueurs are drunk in one gulp, thanks to this, a soft, warm aftertaste appears after a sip;
  • liqueurs are not combined with tobacco and cigars.

фото правильно ликерной рюмки

Liqueur glass

2. Diluted

This method allows you to reduce the strength, reduce the sweetness, bitterness or astringency, balancing the taste at your discretion. You can dilute the liquor with water (carbonated or non-carbonated mineral water), ice, milk, cream, ice cream, hot chocolate or juices. The proportions are selected individually.

Water and ice do not spoil the taste, perfectly reducing the strength. Elite liqueurs are diluted only with water without gas. The addition of dairy products is appropriate for drinks based on chocolate, coffee, cocoa or cream.

ликер с апельсиновым соком

Citrus juices are not combined with milk liqueurs

To get a refreshing and not cloying taste, it is customary to add orange juice to liqueurs. Other citrus or unsweetened juices, such as lemon or cherry, are also suitable.

фото ликера Бейлис с мороженым

Liqueurs not based on milk can be eaten with ice cream

Attention! Sour juices can not be added to cream liqueurs such as “Baileys” and “Sheridans”, because the acid immediately curdles the cream, making the drink unsuitable for consumption.

3. In combination with other alcohol

Liqueurs are mixed with whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, brandy or cognac. It turns out not so sweet, but at the same time strong and flavorful drink.

I advise you to add alcohol to the liqueur, on the basis of which it is made. For example, “Cointreau” is infused with pure alcohol, so it is better to dilute it with vodka. In the “Baileys” add whiskey, so that this liqueur is well combined with Irish whiskey varieties. “Lawyer” is diluted with aged brandy or cognac.

фото бутылки кофейно-шоколадного ликера Шериданс

Sheridans is famous for its non-standard bottle, consisting of two tanks

4. As part of cocktails

Approximately 30% of all alcoholic cocktails contain at least one liqueur, which can be used as a base, flavor, or syrup. However, it often turns out a completely different drink. The preparation of one of the most famous cocktails “Pina Colada” is shown in the video.

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