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How to drink vodka correctly-we study the advice of specialists

как нужно пить водку правильно

It is difficult to imagine a native Russian feast without vodka. It is customary to celebrate any significant event in life. But in order for the celebration to pass without excesses and leave pleasant memories in the memory, I advise you to read about how to drink vodka correctly. Knowing a few nuances, you will be an adequate cheerful person all evening, and in the morning you will wake up without headaches.

1. Preparation

The use of vodka should begin with the preparation of the body for large doses of alcohol. A few hours before the feast, you can drink 50 ml of vodka, so that the body begins to produce substances that block the effects of alcohol in advance. In the people, this method is called “run the liver” or “vaccination”.

An hour before the feast, it is better to eat something fat, for example, a sandwich with butter or a piece of lard. However, fatty dishes do not absorb alcohol, they only delay the beginning of its impact, after a while you will still get drunk. For the absorption of alcohol, activated carbon, sold in a pharmacy, is ideal. It is enough to drink 6-8 tablets in 20-30 minutes before the holiday, and you are almost guaranteed not to “pass out” at the table.

2. Drinking

Only slightly misted vodka brings pleasure. It should never be warm. Pre-cool the bottle for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer. “Peremorozhennaya” vodka with pieces of ice instantly intoxicates, because the frozen water crystallizes on the walls or bottom of the bottle in the form of ice, and the glass pours almost pure alcohol, which freezes at a lower temperature.

фото водки, огурца и черного хлеба

Vodka should be cold, but not icy
Vodka is better to drink from 50-gram glasses in one gulp. First, you need to exhale deeply, then take a sip on the next breath. After that, exhale deeply again, getting rid of alcohol vapors, and bring a piece of fragrant bread to your nose to “sniff” what you have drunk.

Next, vodka is eaten, starting with hot, hearty dishes and gradually moving on to cold ones. It is not recommended to drink vodka or, in extreme cases, to take drinks that do not contain carbon dioxide, which irritates the walls of the stomach, leading to rapid intoxication. In this regard, juices, fruit drinks and compotes are safe. Experts recommend taking a three-minute break between the first and second glasses. After the third glass, if possible, leave the table for 15-20 minutes and take a walk.

The rate of vodka consumed is an individual concept, each has its own. It’s time to stop drinking when it becomes difficult to take a sip and vodka just “does not climb”. This is the most reliable signal, when it appears, it is better not to overpower yourself, even if the company requires it.

You can not mix vodka and other alcohol. Although there is no scientific evidence, but from experience many people know that when drinking alcoholic beverages, the degree can only be increased. Will you drink something stronger than vodka? I don’t think. When the temperature drops, prepare for a heavy morning…

можно ли понижать градус после водки

She lowered the temperature…
In winter, after a large dose of vodka, you should not go outside to refresh yourself. Most likely, you will become even more intoxicated. Dancing or other moderate physical activity will help you sober up a little.

3. The next day

The morning after a stormy celebration, you can not improve your health with alcohol, including beer. Drinking alcohol to relieve a hangover is a sure way to alcoholism and binge drinking for a few days.

Brine, mineral water, broths, a warm shower and a walk in the fresh air will help to improve your well-being. It is better not to drink coffee, even one cup can raise already high blood pressure, increasing the load on the heart.

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