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Irish red ale (Irish Red Ale) style description

фото ирландского красного эля

Ireland boasts a rich tradition of brewing, but just this style does not belong to them: Irish red ale appeared on the basis of English bitter, only in the production of malt is slightly roasted, and beer is less hopped.

Today, this craft ale is no less popular than stout and pale ale. It is difficult to distinguish rigid features of the style, since it implies many subspecies and variations. Among the general characteristics are the relative neutrality of taste, weak hopping, dry finish with light fried notes. However, this is more true for local samples brewed for local consumption. Export varieties will be sweeter, the American interpretation is stronger than the Irish, some brewers add bitterness to the drink, others-sweets.

In general, this is a nutritious style, the balance tends more to malt, the bouquet has notes of toffee, caramel, sponge cake, grain. The finish is mostly dry, with a fried finish. Some samples feel slightly buttery, with hops showing almost imperceptible earthy or floral nuances. Both malt sweetness and hop bitterness are moderate or weak.

The color of the drink varies from amber to chestnut, in a glass of ale slightly foams, foam of medium stability, cream. On the tongue, Irish red ale feels rounded, the carbonation is average closer to weak. The style is medium-bodied, moderately fermented.

Ale is made on the basis of light malt, a reddish shade of beer is achieved by adding roasted barley, the same ingredient is “responsible” for a dry finish with roasted notes. Sometimes black malt can be used.

The style is similar to English bitter, but with a less bitter profile. Compared to Scottish ale, it is not so caramel and full-bodied.

стиль пива ирландский красный эль

Strength: 3.8-5.0%.

Density: initial 1.036-1.046, final 1.010-1.014.

Bitterness index: 18-28 IBU.

Color: 9-14 SRM.

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