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Kalua liqueur: features, types, history, culture of drinking

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Kalua is a Mexican coffee liqueur with a strength of 20-35% based on rum with the addition of corn syrup and vanilla, as well as other ingredients, depending on the specific type. It is considered a dessert alcohol and is part of many cocktails.

Historical background

Kalua liqueur appeared in 1936, when four young Mexicans decided to open their own business. One of them became the mastermind and created a recipe, two others provided first-class coffee, and the fourth managed to transfer the project to commercial rails and establish the production of a new drink.

According to one version, the creator of the liqueur, Pedro Domec, named his invention “The House of the People of Acolua” in honor of the disappeared people of the valley of Mexico, which sounds Kahlua in the Aztec language. However, the official website of the company says that the term is taken from the old Arabic language and means “coffee”.

In 1994, Pedro Domecq merged with Allied Lyons, and eleven years later, the company’s shares were bought by Pernod Ricard – the largest supplier of alcoholic beverages in the world.

Since 2004, the market is mainly supplied with twenty-degree Kalua, although previously the liquor had a strength of 26.5%. For the United States, Canada and Australia, a special variety is provided-Kahlua Especial, which is made from Arabica coffee beans, compared to the usual liqueur, the Special variety is not so sweet and stronger – 36%.

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Production technology

It takes 7 years to make a batch of Kalua, while it takes 6 years to grow the right coffee. The fact is that only special grains are suitable for liqueur, which ripen in the shade, and not in the sun, so the process is much slower than under normal conditions. The collected grains are additionally kept for six months in canvas bags, at which time the manufacturer is engaged in creating the alcoholic basis of the drink – rum.

Then the rum is infused with coffee beans for 4 weeks, filtered, depending on the recipe, other ingredients are added and the finished drink is bottled.

Types of Kalua

  • Classic (20% alcohol, in the US state of Ohio – 21.5%). In the bouquet, the tones of coffee, nut, butter.
  • Chili Chocolate (the same fortress). The taste of milk chocolate with hot chili, caramel and vanilla.
  • Pumpkin Spice (20%). “Autumn” variety with a taste of pumpkin and seasonal spices. Often used to diversify traditional cocktails with Kalua on Halloween.
  • Salted Caramel (20%). The bouquet has added nuances of salt and caramel.
  • Peppermint Mocha (20%). In addition to the traditional ingredients, it contains dark chocolate and peppermint. This variety is served with ice or added to hot chocolate.
  • Hazelnut (20%). It has a thick creamy-nutty aftertaste, well suited to cold or hot coffee.
  • Mocha (20%). The taste is clearly felt coffee tones with hints of chocolate cake. Drink either with ice or in cocktails.
  • French Vanilla (20%). Ideal for consumption “as is”, without coffee, cream and other ingredients. It has a rich coffee taste and a vanilla aftertaste.
  • Midnight Coffee (35%). A high-strength variety, as the manufacturers say-especially for parties.
  • Cinnamon Spice (20%). An alcoholic version of the Mexican traditional coffee Cafe de Olla – coffee, cinnamon, brown sugar.
  • Ready to drink-ready-made cocktails with Kalua, bottled.
  • Especial Coffee (35%). It is made from the highest quality Arabica, served with ice or with a martini.

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How to drink Kalua

Mexican coffee liqueur goes well with milk, cream, coffee and coconut milk. Depending on personal preferences, it is drunk in its pure form with ice, added to coffee or tea, poured over ice cream, brownies( chocolate cake), sweet pies.

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In its pure form, it goes well with ice
In Latin America, you can buy chocolate bars and other sweets with Kalua as a filling.

Cocktails with Kalua

Kalua coffee liqueur is an essential ingredient in many cocktails. Most popular recipes:

  1. B-52 – one part of coffee, cream and orange liqueurs, pour in layers, do not mix.
  2. Baby Guinness – 3 parts Kalua, 1 part Bailiz, pour in layers, drink in one gulp.
  3. Black Russian – Black Russian) – mix 50 ml of vodka with 20 ml of Kalua, serve with crushed ice in a whiskey glass.
  4. White Russian – the same as “black”, but with 20 ml of cream.

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