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Kiwi tincture on vodka (alcohol, moonshine) – the best recipe

фото киви на водке

Kiwi (second name ” Chinese gooseberry») it combines the taste of strawberry, banana, melon, apple, pineapple and cherry. The problem is that only fresh fruits have these advantages. To taste, the tincture of kiwi can be confused with lemon liqueur. Even the color of the finished drink will not be green, but yellowish. But the light sourness perfectly levels the burning taste of alcohol, as a result, even a strong version is drunk easily and pleasantly.

To prepare the tincture, ripe (you can over-ripe) kiwis are required, the main thing is that the fruits are not rotten, and the flesh is black. The optimal alcoholic base is vodka or ethyl alcohol diluted with water, and well-purified moonshine (preferably double distilled) is also suitable.


  • vodka (moonshine, alcohol 40-45%) – 0.5 liters;
  • kiwi fruit – 4 pieces;
  • sugar (honey) – 50-200 grams (optional);
  • water – 50-100 ml (optional);
  • dried orange or lemon zest – 5 grams (optional).

I advise you to add sugar or honey after infusing. Water (added together with sugar as syrup) is only required to reduce the strength. The zest gives the drink interesting notes of flavor, but only the upper yellow (or red peel) without the white pulp is suitable, otherwise there will be bitterness.

Kiwi Tincture Recipe

1. Wash and peel the kiwi fruit.

Attention! Due to the high acidity, the kiwi peel can burn the oral mucosa and cause intestinal dysbiosis, so it is not recommended for use.

2. Cut the meat into small pieces and chop it in a blender or electric meat grinder.

3. Put the resulting mass together with the released juice in a container for infusing – a glass jar or bottle. Add the zest (optional).

4. Pour the alcohol base. Mix well.

5. Close the container tightly, transfer it to a dark place with room temperature for 30 days. Shake once every 3-4 days.

6. Filter the finished homemade kiwi tincture through cheesecloth, squeeze the cake well.

7. Taste it. If desired, add sugar (honey) or cook syrup: mix water and sugar in a saucepan, bring to a boil (in the case of honey, heat to 50-60°C), cook on low heat for 4-5 minutes, removing the foam. Before pouring, cool the syrup to room temperature.

8. Leave the tincture in a sealed glass container for 2-3 days to stabilize the taste. If there is any turbidity or sediment, filter through a coffee filter or cotton wool.

фото настойки киви для водки

Shelf life-up to 2 years. Fortress – 35-36 degrees (without water and sugar).

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