Liqueur Country Lane (Country Lane): concept and culture of drinking - Alcohol and Tradition

Liqueur Country Lane (Country Lane): concept and culture of drinking

этикетка ликера Кантри лейн

Country lane cream liqueur is a sweet and thick drink with a velvety texture and a strength of 17% vol. The brand belongs to the Dutch concern De Kuyper and is considered an alternative to Baileys – with similar taste characteristics, the cost of Dutch liqueur is several times lower. From English, the phrase “country lane” is translated as “country road”.

About the company

The de Kuyper Corporation opened in 1695 and was named after its founder, Petrus De Kuyper. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of oak barrels, and only in 1752 Jan De Kuyper, son of Petrus, began to produce gin.

Over time, the assortment line was replenished with a variety of liqueurs, brandy, bitters and other alcohol. Business owners have opened wineries not only in Holland, but also around the world.

бутылка ликера Кантри Лейн

As of 2020, De Kuyper has been operating for 325 years, and members of the same family are still at the helm. It is one of the largest players in the international market of alcoholic beverages.

How to drink Country lane

Like other creamy liqueurs, Country lane is served after a meal as a digestif dessert. It can be eaten without any snacks or combined with sweets and coffee.

The best taste of the drink is revealed at a temperature of 6-8 degrees.

как пить ликер Кантри лейн


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