Liqueurs from plums at home-recipes with and without vodka - Alcohol and Tradition

Liqueurs from plums at home-recipes with and without vodka

фото домашней сливовой наливки

Homemade liqueur made from plums is relatively simple, while the drink has an amazing aroma and a pleasant, light taste. We will look at two of the best cooking recipes. For the first, you need vodka or other strong alcohol, for the second – only sugar and water. In each case, an excellent dessert alcohol is obtained.

Suitable fruits of any variety (blue, yellow, red), but it is preferable to use Hungarian, renklod, mirabel, Canadian or egg plum. The main condition is that all plums must be ripe, but not over-ripe (otherwise, due to the high content of pectin, a jelly-like mass will turn out) no signs of damage or mold. Before cooking, the berries are carefully sorted. Even one bad plum will spoil the taste.

Another important nuance is to make plum liqueur with or without seeds. It is believed that plum seeds are poisonous, as they contain cyanide and prussic acid. But the concentration of these dangerous substances is so small that it is almost impossible to get poisoned. The choice is yours, you can pre-extract the bones, protecting yourself, but then the light almond taste will disappear.

Plum liqueur with vodka

The simplest option, the liqueur is prepared by infusing the fruit with strong alcohol: store-bought vodka, diluted ethyl alcohol, well-purified moonshine or cheap cognac. The alcohol base should be without a sharp smell of fusel.


  • plums – 1.5 kg;
  • sugar – 500 grams;
  • vodka (alcohol 40-45%, moonshine, cognac) – 0.5 liters.


1. Put the washed plums (if desired, remove the seeds) in a glass jar or other container, pour vodka (it should cover the fruit layer by at least 2-3 cm).

2. Close the container tightly and put it in a dark place with room temperature for 40 days for aging. Shake once every 5 days.

3. Pour the vodka infused with plums into another bottle and close it, and cover the plums themselves with sugar, close the jar and leave for 15 days in a dark place. Shake once a day. Then filter through the cotton wool.

4. Mix the syrup obtained at the previous stage (sugar will draw out the remnants of alcohol and juice) with vodka infused on the fruits.

5. Filter the drink through cotton wool or another filter (the amount of turbidity depends on the type of plums), pour into bottles, seal tightly.

6. Keep the homemade plum liqueur in a cool place (basement, cellar or refrigerator) for 6-8 months to improve the taste.

Shelf life away from direct sunlight up to 3 years. Fortress – 24-28%.

фото домашней сливовой наливки с водкой

Classic plum liqueur without vodka

The strength is obtained due to the natural fermentation of beet sugar and fructose in the fruit on wild wine yeast. The technology resembles the preparation of wine. The taste of the drink is slightly softer than in the first case.


  • peeled plum (without seeds) – 6 kg;
  • water – 3 cups;
  • sugar – 2.8 kg.


1. Cut the plums in half, then remove the seeds.

2. Put the pulp in a glass container, add sugar and water, and mix.

3. Tie the neck with gauze to protect against insects, put the container for 2-4 days in a dark (you can cover it), warm place (18-25°C).

4. At the first signs of fermentation (bubbles and foam are noticeable on the surface, a characteristic smell is felt), install a water stopper or a medical glove with a hole (pierce with a needle) in one of the fingers on the bottle.

5. Keep the drink for 30-45 days, until the fermentation is over (the water seal will stop blowing bubbles or the glove will deflate).

виды гидрозатворов для вина, браги и пива

Designs of hydraulic locks for wine, braga and beer

6. Filter the plum liqueur through cheesecloth and cotton wool. The pulp at the bottom is squeezed out with your hands, the resulting liquid is once again passed through a cotton filter and mixed with the rest of the drink.

7. Pour the finished liqueur into bottles, close tightly.

8. After 2-3 months of aging in a cool (10-16°C), dark place, you can start tasting.

Shelf life in the basement or refrigerator-up to 3 years. The fortress is 10-14 degrees.

фото наливки из слив без водки

It is better not to throw away the remaining plums after making the liqueur. First, the whole fruit or pulp can be dried and served as a dessert (due to alcohol residues, this delicacy is not recommended for children). Secondly, plum pulp makes an excellent brew for moonshine.

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