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Liquor Advocate (Advocaat): description, types, with what and how to drink

фото яичного ликера адвокат

Advocate liqueur (Advocaat, advocatenborrel) is a Dutch alcoholic drink based on eggs, sugar and brandy, considered a type of egg-nog (traditional Christmas egg drink). The liqueur has a rich bouquet and velvety taste, similar in consistency and aroma to custard. The fortress varies from 14 to 20 degrees. The composition of the drink includes egg yolks, aromatic alcohols, sugar, honey, brandy, vanilla, and sometimes cream. The brand does not belong to one manufacturer, it is produced by such companies as Bols, DeKuyper, Verpoorten, Warninks.

Etymology and history. Advokaat in Dutch means, of course, “lawyer”. The fact is that the liqueur was originally called advocatenborrel – “drink of lawyers”, as its texture is ideal to “wet your throat” during prolonged public speeches. Over time, the difficult-to-pronounce name was reduced to a simple “lawyer”.

фото яичного ликера Адвокат в стопке

There is an original version, as if the drink originated in the Caribbean or in South Africa, and avocado fruits were used for its production. Over time, the distorted name of this plant became the name of the liqueur. At the end of the XVII century, the Dutch brought the recipe to Europe, replacing avocado with egg yolks. Interestingly, “avocado” sounds in Dutch Advocaatpeer, so the version is not so groundless.

How to drink liquor properly Lawyer

In Belgium and Holland, a thick liqueur based only on egg yolks is sold, small batches of this variation are exported to Germany and Austria. The drink is so dense that it is not drunk, but eaten with a dessert spoon, like ice cream. Such a “Lawyer” is too cloying to consume it in its pure form: more often it is spread on waffles or pastries.

Export “Lawyer” is much less dense, for its preparation use a whole egg (yolk and white). The liqueur is cooled and drunk in its pure form from glasses as a digestif or aperitif, and is also used in cocktails. Sometimes cinnamon and nutmeg are added to the pure liqueur.

фото как нужно пить ликер адвокат

Advocaat DeKuyper

Cocktails with liqueur Advocate

  1. Snowball (Snowball). Two and a half parts of the “Lawyer”, half a part of cognac, 6 parts of carbonated lemonade, lime juice to taste. Mix everything in a shaker.
  2. Fluffy Duck (Fluffy duck). Equal parts “Lawyer”, white rum, cream, lemonade to taste. Mix everything in a large cocktail glass and serve with ice.
  3. Bombardino. A drink popular in Italian ski resorts. 2 parts “Lawyer”, part brandy, whipped cream, winter spices to taste. Serve warm, in a mug.

Homemade Liquor Lawyer

“Lawyer” is a name that is not protected by origin, it is not even a trademark or brand. The type of drink is very similar to the Slavic eggnog, only with alcohol. It is easy to prepare at home.


  • egg yolks – 10 pieces;
  • sugar – 200 grams;
  • cognac (brandy) – 250 ml;
  • spices – to taste.

Cognac can be replaced with rum or whiskey (only not Scottish peat-smoked). As spices, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla are suitable.

Classic recipe

1. Carefully separate the yolks from the whites, otherwise lumps will appear in the liquor.

2. Mix all the ingredients with a mixer or whisk until smooth.

3. Heat the resulting mixture slowly in a water bath, stirring until the liquid thickens to a dense cream.

If heated too quickly, the yolks may curdle!

4. Remove the finished liquor from the stove, cool to room temperature and pour into storage bottles. Seal it tightly.

5. Put it in the refrigerator. It is advisable to let the drink brew for 3-5 days before tasting to improve the taste.

Shelf life of home-made liqueur “Lawyer” — up to 3 months (always in the refrigerator). Strength – 15-18%.

домашний яичный ликер адвокат

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