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Liquor Love Story (Love Story): concept, types, how and with what to drink

этикетка ликера Лав Стори

Despite the English-language name, love Story liqueur (“love Story”) is produced in Russia, by the St. Petersburg company “Ladoga”. It is one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in the country, in addition to liqueurs, its product line includes tinctures, liqueurs, several vodka brands, gin, wine and other drinks of different strength.

The company not only sells its own products, but is also an official distributor of large alcohol concerns from other countries: Fruko Schulz, Bardinet, Favraud, Eurovins, etc.

Types of liqueurs Love Story

At the moment, the company produces 5 types of love story liqueur:

  1. Amaretto. 25% strength, dessert liqueur with the taste of almonds and the aroma of cloves, cinnamon, lemon zest.
  2. Cherry. Fortress 20%, created on the basis of the original recipe of the company “Ladoga” and has no analogues from other manufacturers.
  3. Creamy. The fortress is 18%. This is a classic Irish cream, like Bayliss. It has a velvety texture and a delicate creamy taste.
  4. Chocolate. Strength of 18%, made on the basis of cream and natural milk chocolate.
  5. Coffee shop. The strength of 18%, refers to chocolate Irish crims.

виды ликеров Лав Стори

The most popular is cream liqueur, as well as its chocolate and coffee versions. At a very affordable price (about $ 4, which is four times lower than the Irish originals), the drink has a decent taste and, according to some consumers, could compete with international brands.

Cranberry and lingonberry tinctures are also available under the same name. The strength of both drinks is 16%, and their composition includes a natural mors from the corresponding berries.

кремовый ликер Лав Стори фото

Creamy Love story is the most popular in the entire line


While the classic Irish Cream is made on the basis of whiskey, in the cream liqueur “Love Story” for a strong base, ordinary alcohol is taken, so the taste is slightly sharper, the density is lower, and the strength is higher. However, for example, in cocktails, these nuances are not felt at all, and in terms of price-quality ratio, in conditions of a limited budget, there is probably no better option on the Russian market.

To ensure that the emulsion liquor does not delaminate, it inevitably includes chemical additives approved by the food industry. Love Story liqueur is no exception, despite the declared “elitism”, it has flavorings, dyes and thickeners.

How and with what to drink liqueur ” Love story»

Like other creamy liqueurs, Love Story Cream flavor can be drunk in its pure form from small glasses or stacks, pre-cooled to 10 degrees or leaving the drink at room temperature. It is added to tea or coffee, poured over ice cream or desserts, and it is also a budget substitute for Baileys in cocktails. All this applies equally to Love Story Coffee flavor and Love Story Chocolate flavor.

шоколадный ликер Лав Стори фото

Chocolate Love story goes well with sweet pastries

Examples of cocktails:

  • Bailey Shillelagh. In a shot glass, pour equal parts of cream liqueur and Sambuca, drink in one gulp, without stirring.
  • In an ice-filled shaker, mix 2-3 parts of the cream liqueur and 1 part of the cognac. Serve with ice.
  • Coconut Frappé. 1 part of rum and 2 parts of cream liqueur and milk, mix and beat until frothy. Serve with ice and coconut chips.


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