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Melon liqueur at home-recipe for vodka

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Many lovers of homemade alcohol consider melon to be an unsuitable raw material from which specific drinks are obtained. In fact, properly made homemade melon liqueur preserves the aroma and taste no worse than other fruits. The main secret of the recipe is a special sugar syrup and extract.

For the preparation of liqueur, you can use melon of any variety, as long as the fruits are ripe and not rotten (cut out the damaged parts). A good result is also obtained from dried melon (100-150 grams of well-dried pulp per 1 liter of alcohol 40% and sugar to taste).

The preferred alcohol base is high-quality vodka or ethyl alcohol, diluted with water to 40-45%. Suitable and odorless moonshine or cheap cognac (in the liqueur will appear light tannic notes).

The amount of sugar depends on individual preferences and the initial sugar content of melons, the average sweetness is obtained by adding 200-250 grams.


  • ripe melon – 1 kg;
  • vodka (alcohol 40-45%, moonshine) – 0.5 liters;
  • sugar – 150-400 grams.

Melon liqueur recipe

1. Wash the melon, cut it into two parts, remove the core and bones. Remove the peel.

2. Cut the peeled pulp into pieces of about 2×2 cm, then put it in a jar for infusing.

3. Pour in the alcohol base (it should cover the pulp layer by at least 2-3 cm), if necessary, add more alcohol than indicated in the recipe.

4. Close the jar tightly with the lid. For the first 5 days, insist in a warm, bright place, for example, on the windowsill. Then transfer to a dark room with room temperature for 10 days. Shake once a day.

5. Filter the finished melon infusion through cheesecloth, squeeze the pulp slightly and put it back in the jar. The liquid part-hermetically seal and put in the refrigerator or basement.

6. Add sugar to the pulp, close the jar, shake several times. Put it in a dark, warm place for 5 days.

7. After the sugar is completely dissolved, filter the melon syrup through cheesecloth. Mix with the infusion obtained at the 5th stage. If desired, add more pure sugar.

8. Close the container and leave it in the refrigerator or basement for 2-3 months to mature.

Attention! Immediately after cooking, the drink is obtained with a sharp smell and a specific taste, not much resembling a melon. After a few months of maturation, this problem will be solved by itself.

9. After aging, drain the finished melon liqueur from the sediment and filter through cotton wool to remove the turbidity (optional). Shelf life-up to 2 years. Strength – 33-36%.

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