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Mojito with sprite-alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes

фото правильного мохито со спрайтом

A good refreshing cocktail helps to quench your summer thirst. This is exactly what a Mojito with a sprite is. Not everyone likes the alcoholic version, so we will separately consider a non-alcoholic recipe with a similar taste. If you have the right ingredients, cooking one serving at home will take no more than 5 minutes.

In the original version of this cocktail, the sprite is not used, instead it is added to the usual soda. For all other indicators, the technology of preparation of both drinks is almost the same.


  • rum (alcoholic version only);
  • fresh mint;
  • lime;
  • cane sugar;
  • soda sprite;
  • crushed ice.

The proportions depend on the recipe, they will be indicated below. Theoretically, instead of cane sugar, you can take the usual one, and replace lime with lemon, you will not notice any special differences in taste, but it is still better to use traditional ingredients that have brought the drink world fame.

Alcoholic Mojito with sprite

1. Put 10-15 mint leaves in a tall glass and gently mash them so that the mint will release the juice.

2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, then squeeze the juice of one half of a lime into a glass. Cut the other half into 4 slices and also put it in a glass.

3. Fill the glass to the top with crushed ice. The smaller the pieces, the better. The easiest way to break the ice is to wrap the cubes in a towel and tap them with a rolling pin.

4. Add 40 grams of golden rum (I recommend using Havana club or Bacardi) and 80 grams of sprite.

5. Gently stir the drink with a spoon so that the mint and lime slices are evenly distributed throughout the glass.

6. The cocktail is ready, if desired, it can be decorated with a few mint leaves or a slice of lime.

фото алкогольного мохито со спрайтом

Non-alcoholic Mojito with sprite

This option is suitable for those who, due to various circumstances, can not drink alcohol, but want to try a cocktail. The taste will change slightly, but the refreshing effect will remain. Many of my friends like Mojito with sprite without rum even more.

Technology of preparation:

1. Cut the lime into small pieces, and mash the mint (10-15 leaves) with your hands until a characteristic smell appears.

2. Add the lime slices, mint and 10 grams of sugar to the glass.

3. Stir the contents of the glass until the sugar is dissolved in the juice.

4. Add 400 ml of sprite and crushed ice.

Безалкогольный Мохито фото

Non-alcoholic Mojito

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