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Moonshine from pineapples-Braga recipe with sugar and without

фото ананасового самогона

In our reality, moonshine from pineapples is made from substandard raw materials that are not suitable for sale. With the right approach, the output is an excellent distillate with a slight smell of fruit. We will consider the cooking technology that allows you to squeeze the maximum flavor out of such a valuable product, but keep the soft taste.


The sugar content of ripe pineapples is up to 15%. This means that with 1 kg of pulp, you can get a maximum of 165 ml of pure pineapple moonshine with a strength of 40%. Given the high cost of raw materials, in most cases, the yield is increased by adding beet sugar (1 kg gives 1.1-1.2 liters of distillate 40%). But the more sugar, the weaker the flavor, I advise you to stick to the proportions in the recipe.

On baking dry or pressed yeast, the Braga will play for 4-7 days, but the smell of moonshine will worsen. Fermentation on wine yeast or raisin sourdough lasts several times longer – 25-50 days, but the aroma is completely preserved. If you have time, I advise you to use sourdough (make 3-4 days before working with pineapples) or wine yeast (the best option).


  • pineapples – 2 kg;
  • sugar-0.5-1 kg (optional);
  • water – 5 liters and another 4 liters for each kilogram of sugar;
  • yeast – 20 grams dry (100 grams pressed) or sourdough.

In the case of pineapples, more water is required than for other fruit brags, since the acidity of the wort must be reduced.

Recipe mash of pineapple

1. The fruits to withstand the cold (in the freezer) 3-4 days in order to break down acids that inhibit fermentation.

2. Defrost the pineapples. Cut off the upper and lower parts, because of which the moonshine can be bitter.

3. Peel the fruit, removing the top layer until smooth pulp. Cut out the rotten parts.

4. cut the Pineapple pulp into slices, then chop it with a meat grinder or mixer.

If the moonshine machine is made with a suhoparnik, 100-150 grams of pulp can be frozen in the refrigerator to be used during distillation to flavor the distillate.

5. The resulting slurry placed in the fermentation tank.

6. Pour in the sugar and mix. Leave for 45-60 minutes (no longer, otherwise it will start to sour) for better juice release. In the case of making pineapple Braga without sugar, skip this step.

7. Add water and yeast (sourdough). In the container, it is desirable to leave at least 25% of the free space for foam.

8. Mix the mash. Install a water seal on the neck of the fermentation tank (you can replace it with a medical glove with a hole in one of the fingers).

виды гидрозатворов для вина, браги и пива

Designs of hydraulic locks for wine, Braga and beer

9. Move the container to a dark room (or cover) with a stable temperature of 18-28°C. Depending on the selected yeast, the amount of sugar and the temperature, the fermentation of pineapple Braga lasts 4-50 days. Signs of readiness: the release of gas from the water gate has stopped, the Braga has lightened, sediment has fallen on the bottom, there is no sweetness in the taste, but only a slight bitterness.

Getting pineapple moonshine

10. filter the Braga that has Won back through cheesecloth or a thick cloth to remove any pulp particles that may burn during distillation. Press the cake well.

11. Pour the Braga into the cube of the moonshine machine. Overtake the first time without dividing into fractions. Finish the selection when the fortress falls in the jet below 25 degrees.

12. Measure the total strength of the distillate. Determine the amount of absolute alcohol: the volume in liters is multiplied by the percentage of strength and divided by 100. Dilute pineapple moonshine with water to 18-20%, do not clean with coal and other methods, otherwise the smell will disappear.

13. Make a second distillation. The first 12-15% of the yield of pure alcohol should be collected separately and poured out. This harmful fraction is called the “head”.

If the design allows, put the peeled pineapple frozen at the 4th stage in the dry pan (you can not defrost it beforehand).

14. Select the main product (“body”) until the strength in the jet falls below 40%, then finish the distillation or collect the remaining distillate (“tails”) separately.

15. The resulting moonshine from pineapples is diluted with water to the desired strength. Pour into a glass container, close tightly. Before tasting, leave for 2-3 days in a dark, cool place to stabilize the taste after mixing with water.

фото самогона из ананасов

When flavoring the pulp through a dry pan, the finished drink may have a yellowish tint

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