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Sibbitter tinctures: the concept, types, culture of drinking and cocktails

фото сибирских настоек Сиббиттер

Sibbiter tincture is a product of the domestic alcohol industry, developed by the Russian company “Alcoholic Siberian Group”, released on the market in 2015. The name “Sibbitter “is an abbreviation that stands for” Siberian bitter ” — that is, a bitter tincture on Siberian herbs. The drinks are a line of strong 38-40-degree distillates with a variety of flavors.

Information help. Bitter-alcohol tincture on herbs, roots, flowers. Depending on the composition, it has a bitter, sour, spicy or bittersweet taste. Initially, this group of alcohol appeared as a drug, later herbal tinctures were served as a digestif, added to cocktails.

The manufacturer itself distinguishes the product into a separate category of alcohol – “Siberian specialty with the use of taiga distillate technology”, but this is only a marketing ploy, since all types of Sibbitter are produced according to the usual vodka GOST.

фото кедровой настойки сиббиттер

Cedar aged-according to the manufacturer, it is similar to Scotch whiskey
фото этикетки настойки кедровая выдержанная от сиббиттер
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Production technology

The author’s recipes of Sibbitter are kept secret, it is only known that the manufacturer was inspired by the classic samples of world alcohol. In particular, the prototype of “Cedar aged” was Scotch whiskey, and “Siberian Raznotravye” is vaguely similar to Angostura.

Types of Sibbitter tincture

With distillate of taiga honey. Vodka with the addition of honey, does not contain sugar, 40%.

With distillate of linden flowers. Vodka with lime color, 40%.

Siberian raznotravye. Tincture on Siberian herbs, 38%. It is considered a more feminine option.

Siberian honey with pepper. Tincture with honey and pepper, 38%. The shape of the bottle and the design of the label resemble bourbon, in the bouquet you can feel thyme, mint.

Siberian horseradish. Tincture with horseradish, 38%. It has a sharp taste, perfectly combined with fish soup, dried (dried) fish, lard, meat cuts.

Cedar aged. Aged tincture on pine nuts, 38%. It also includes honey, thyme, ginger, and bison.

фото ассортимента настоек Сиббиттер


Tasters who have tried Sibbeater note that despite the high strength, the tinctures are drunk easily and gently, they warm well (especially the versions with horseradish and pepper) and help with colds.

An absolute plus of Siberian tinctures is an affordable price (about 5-6 dollars for a bottle of 0.5 liters). Minus – sometimes alcohol is felt, although the herbal profile is always powerful and most often drowns out the vodka taste. In addition, despite the absolute naturalness declared by the manufacturer, there are dyes and flavors in the composition.

How to drink Sibbitter

“Siberian specialty” is served in vodka glasses as an aperitif or digestif. Aromatic tinctures can be drunk in pure form or mixed with Cola, soda and juice.

The Sibbitters eat vegetable dishes, traditional dishes of Russian cuisine. Drinks of the entire line are combined with grilled meat, fish, grilled vegetables.

Cocktails with Sibbeaters

Sibbeater vodka, of course, can be used in all classic cocktails with vodka-it will turn out original and fresh. Tinctures are too unique and can hardly replace existing bitters, but the manufacturer offers several recipes:

  1. 1 part of lemon juice, 2 parts of raspberry syrup, 5 parts of “Siberian herbs”, 7 parts of cranberry juice-mix everything in a shaker with ice or pour it into a glass and mix.
  2. 1 part lemon juice, 2 parts cucumber syrup, 5 parts “Siberian honey with pepper”, 7 parts soda –cook in a shaker with ice and two ground cucumber slices.
  3. 1 part lemon juice, 2 parts cherry syrup, 5 parts “Cedar aged”, 7 parts soda-cook in a shaker with ice.
  4. 2 parts of lemon tonic, 2.5 parts of “Siberian honey with pepper”, 5 parts of any citrus juice-mix in a shaker or glass with a large amount of ice.

фото коктейлей с Сиббиттером

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