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Simple cocktails with liqueur – top 10 recipes

фото лучших коктейлей с ликерами

Thanks to a wide range of liqueurs, you can prepare hundreds of cocktails with different flavors. We present to your attention the ten best cocktail recipes with liqueurs according to the editorial board of our website. When compiling the rating, we were guided by the taste, availability of ingredients, popularity and ease of cooking at home. From the equipment, in addition to glasses, you will need a blender, a shaker and a glass for mixing.

1. “Bulldog”.

A cocktail with a pronounced taste of almonds and spices.


  • Amaretto liqueur – 35 ml;
  • chocolate syrup – 10 ml;
  • fresh milk with minimum fat content-120 ml;
  • soft ice cream – 1 ball.

Recipe: whisk all the ingredients (except ice cream) in a blender, pour the finished mixture into a tall glass, then add the ice cream on top.

амаретто с молоком и шоколадом


2. “Voodoo”.

A cocktail, the taste of which is dominated by notes of strawberry liqueur, complemented by anise and melon tones. Although the preparation requires quite rare ingredients, we recommend that you get them, the drink is worth it.


  • strawberry liqueur – 15 ml;
  • melon liqueur – 15 ml;
  • sambuca – 15 ml;
  • ice cream – 100 grams;
  • strawberries-1-2 berries for decoration.

Recipe: whisk all ingredients in a blender and pour into a pre-cooled tall glass. Drink through a straw. Garnish with strawberry slices.

клубничный ликер с мороженым


3. “Peace”.

A sweet alcoholic cocktail with a milky taste, very much appreciated by women for its originality and ease of preparation.


  • Malibu liqueur – 50 ml;
  • fresh milk – 120 ml;
  • condensed milk – 2 tablespoons;
  • grated nutmeg – to taste.

Recipe: pour the milk into a mug, add the condensed milk and Malibu liqueur, and mix. Sprinkle with nutmeg on top.

малибу с мороженым и молоком


4. “Lambada”.

The cocktail will be a godsend for lovers of a bright pronounced coconut taste.


  • Blue Curacao liqueur – 50 ml;
  • gin – 20 ml;
  • light rum – 10 ml;
  • coconut milk – 60 ml;
  • ice – 3-4 cubes.

Recipe: whisk all the ingredients in a blender, then pour the finished cocktail into a glass. For decoration, you can put a cherry on top. It turns out to be a moderately strong and well-cooling drink.

джин, ром и кокосовое молоко


5. “Coffee Jamaica”.

No coffee lover will be able to pass by this cocktail, the aroma immediately attracts.


  • coffee liqueur – 50 ml;
  • chilled instant coffee – 40 ml;
  • light rum – 30 ml;
  • cream – 20 ml;
  • ice – 2-3 cubes.

Recipe: mix all the ingredients in a shaker, pour into a glass filled with ice. Drink through a straw in small sips, the composition quickly cheers up and refreshes.

кофейный ликер с ромом

“Coffee Jamaica»

6. “Chocolate Sheridan”.

A very sweet dessert cocktail based on Sheridan liqueur. The finished mixture can not only be drunk, but also eaten with a spoon.


  • Sheridan’s liqueur – 30 ml;
  • grated black or milk chocolate – 20 grams.

Recipe: pour Sheridan into a glass in layers (black bottom, white top), sprinkle with grated chocolate on top. After a few minutes, the top layer of liquor will begin to absorb into the chocolate, which means that the drink is ready to drink.

Шериданс с шоколадом

“Chocolate Sheridan’s»

7. “Panamanian”.

A wonderful tonic cocktail for lovers of moderately sweet drinks. The original color is amazing.


  • gin – 20 ml;
  • vodka – 10 ml;
  • Blue Curacao liqueur – 30 ml;
  • tonic – 100 ml;
  • ice – 3-4 cubes.

Recipe: fill a glass with ice, mix gin, vodka and liqueur in a separate glass, pour the mixture into a glass, add tonic.

Блю курасао с джином и тоником


8. “Aztec”.

The simple composition and availability of ingredients made the cocktail popular among young people.


  • coffee liqueur – 30 ml;
  • fresh milk – 80 ml;
  • milk chocolate – 2 bars;
  • chocolate chips – for decoration.

Recipe: melt the chocolate bars in a water bath, add the resulting liquid chocolate to a glass. Mix the coffee liqueur with milk in a shaker, pour the finished mixture into a glass. At the edges of the cocktail can be decorated with chocolate chips.

кофейный ликер с молочным шоколадом


9. “Cold lips”.

Refreshing drink with sourness.


  • Vana Tallin liqueur – 40 ml;
  • white rum – 40 ml;
  • cranberry juice-160 ml;
  • strawberries – 1 berry (for decoration);
  • ice – 3-4 cubes.

Recipe: fill a glass with ice. Mix all the ingredients in a shaker and pour into a serving glass. Top with strawberries.

коктейль с ликером Вана Талин

“Cold lips»

10. “Baileys Chocolatini”.

If you clearly adhere to the proportions, you get a perfectly balanced drink. Fabulous taste is remembered for a long time.


  • vodka – 10 ml;
  • Baileys liqueur – 50 ml;
  • chocolate liqueur – 15 ml;
  • ice – 4-5 cubes;
  • chocolate chips – for decoration.

Recipe: mix all the ingredients in a shaker. Pour the cocktail into a glass. Garnish with chocolate chips.

домашний коктейль с ликером Бейлис

“Baileys Chocolatini»

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