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The Liqueur Passoa (Passoã): concept, types, how to drink and cocktails

фото этикетки ликера Пассоа

Passoa (Passoã) is a French passion fruit liqueur. The recipe was developed in 1986 by the technologists of the Rémy Cointreau group. In 1994, the drink entered the international market and immediately became the best-selling alcohol in a number of countries, for example, in Puerto Rico, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2016, the production rights were acquired by the Lucas Bols group.

Initially, the strength of the Passoa liqueur was 17% by volume, then the alcohol content was reduced to 15%, so that the product fell into the same tax category as the wines. Passoã is easily recognized by the characteristic matte-black bottle with a bright “tropical” pattern.

фото ликера Пассоа

The manufacturer claims that only Brazilian fruits are used for Passoa, in addition to them, the liquor contains alcohol, water, sugar, food colors, flavors and stabilizers.

In English-speaking countries, passion fruit is called passion fruit (literally translated into Russian – passionate fruit), hence the name of the liqueur, which can also be translated as “passionate”. The advertising slogan: “Passoa is much more than just a passion.”

Specifications. Passoa is a thick opaque liqueur of carmine-red color. The aroma of the drink has notes of tropical fruits and grapefruit zest. The taste is sweet, “syrupy”, with nuances of honey and cherry, the aftertaste is sour.

Types of Passoa

In addition to the classic Passoa, a number of alternative flavors and compositions are available:

  • Passoa with the addition of mango, pineapple and coconut;
  • Passoa Diablo with cactus and ginger;
  • Passoa Diablo Mandarin with mandarin, exotic fruits and guarana;
  • Passoa Diablo Limon with lime.

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Since 2012, the company has been producing a bottled Tudo Bom cocktail based on Passoa, in addition to passion fruit liqueur, the drink includes cachaca and oranges. In 2015, the line of ready-made cocktails was supplemented with the brand Red Caipirinha (Passoa and lime).

How to drink Passoa

Passoa can be drunk in its pure form with ice, but the taste of the drink is too sharp and sugary, for an amateur. Most often, liqueur is used as a cocktail ingredient.

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Cocktails with Passoa

  1. Passoa Fresh. 1 part liqueur, 2 parts tonic (carbonated water or ginger ale), ice. Mix everything in a jug and serve on a hot summer day.
  2. Passoa Sangria. 1 part liqueur, 2 parts rose wine, ½ part orange juice. Mix in a tall glass and serve with ice cubes.
  3. Star Martini. In a shaker filled with ice, pour equal parts of Passoa and vodka, add a few drops of vanilla syrup, squeeze out half a lemon or lime, put the pulp of one passion fruit. Shake, pour into a glass, and serve with a slice of passion fruit. You can drink a prosecco cocktail.
  4. Passoa Beer. In a beer glass, mix 1 part Passoa and 2 parts wheat beer, serve with a slice of lime.
  5. Passoa Rosa. In 3 parts of rose wine, pour 1 part of passion fruit liqueur, dilute to taste with soda, if desired, squeeze out the juice of a quarter of a lime (lemon or orange), serve with ice.

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