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Watermelon liqueur with vodka at home-recipe

арбузная наливка на водке

Due to the high “wateriness” of the pulp, it will not be possible to make homemade watermelon liqueur using the traditional method – maceration (infusion) of the berry part on strong alcohol, the taste will be too blurred. One additional technological technique is needed – evaporation of the liquid. To enhance the flavor, add mint to the composition.

It requires a ripe, red pulp (preferably the core) without white parts. The alcohol base can be store-bought vodka, diluted to 40-45% ethyl alcohol or well-purified moonshine, the best option is any fruit distillate.


  • vodka (alcohol 40-45%, moonshine) – 0.5 liters;
  • watermelon pulp-500 grams;
  • sugar – 100-150 grams;
  • mint – 15 grams fresh or 5 grams dried;
  • vanilla sugar – 15 grams (optional).

Recipe brandy out of a watermelon

1. Peel the watermelon pulp from the seeds, put it in a saucepan, crush it with a potato masher or any other method. Add sugar (regular). Mix well.

Attention! Even one accidentally left bone can spoil the taste of the drink-there will be bitterness.

2. Heat the pulp with sugar to 50-70°C (do not bring to a boil), cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. In the pan, about a third of the mixture from the initial volume should remain.

Thanks to cooking, some of the water will evaporate and the concentration of dry substances will increase, thanks to this, the taste of watermelon liqueur will become richer.

3. Cool the resulting syrup to room temperature, then pour into a container for infusing. Add the vanilla sugar, mint, and alcohol-based vodka, grain alcohol or moonshine. Mix well.

4. Close the container tightly, leave for 10 days in a dark place with room temperature. Shake it once in a few knocks. After 4-5 days, try the taste, if the mint is too strongly allocated-remove the leaves.

5. Filter the finished watermelon liqueur through cheesecloth and cotton wool to remove the turbidity. Taste it, if desired, additionally sweeten it with sugar, pour it into storage bottles, and seal it tightly.

6. Before use, leave for 3-4 days in the refrigerator or cellar to stabilize the taste. Serve the liqueur well chilled.

Shelf life away from direct sunlight-up to 3 years. Strength – 15-20%.

домашняя наливка из арбуза фото

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