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Yeltsin (Jelzin Vodka)

Jelzin-vodka, the name of which is associated with Russia and the name of its first President. In fact, the rights to the brand belong to the largest private wine concern Les Grands Chais, whose production facilities are located in France, Italy and Germany. The products are exported to more than 80 countries, including the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Latvia. The company has set its goal to enter the world club of millionaires and is steadily increasing production volumes: for 26 years of the brand’s presence on the market, about 16 million cases of Jelzin vodka have been sold.

Historical background. The head office of Les Grands Chais de France (“Great wine cellars of France”) is located in the logistics-friendly city of Petersbach in Alsace. The main activity of the company is the production and distribution of wines produced in their own farms and in partnership with other vineyards. The decision to expand the product portfolio through the production of vodka was made in 1991, in the Wake of political warming between Russia and Western European countries.

The company’s marketers reasonably assumed that the product would sell better if its name was associated with Russia. The fact that Boris Yeltsin signed a document authorizing the import of imported alcohol into the Russian Federation also played a role.

Jelzin differs from the standard “Russian” vodka by a reduced strength: 37.5% – the minimum set by the European Union for drinks of this category. Despite this, the brand’s products are positioned as premium. Signs of elitism can be called the content itself — taste characteristics and quality of the drink, as well as its presentation to the consumer — packaging design, advertising promotion.

Jelzin Vodka is made according to unique recipes, using crystal clear water from springs located in the Northern Vosges national reserve. Alcohol for it is created from selected wheat grown in the province of La BOS — the main breadbasket of France. An important factor of high quality is the five-stage cleaning of the product, for which filters made of limestone and natural activated birch coal are used. The production uses a method borrowed from the technology of cognac preparation-aging of alcohol after its blending.

The product portfolio of Jelzin includes classic and flavored vodkas, as well as liqueurs with various flavorings. The packaging for the brand’s products does not look quite ordinary – vodka is bottled not only in the usual bottles with a volume of 0.5 to 1 liter, but also in impressive three-liter Tetrapak packages.

International Wine & Spirit Competition, London:

2015-silver (Jelzin Vodka) medal;
2016-silver (Jelzin Vodka in the category of vodka with a strength of 37-39%) medal;
2017-silver (Jelzin Ice Vodka, Jelzin Liqueur Black Fruits Rouges, Jelzin Liqueur Cherry), 2 bronze (Jelzin Liqueur Peppermint, Jelzin Liqueur Strawberry) medals.
Calvados Cocktails Competition, Mont Real:

2016-Grand Prix (Jelzin Ice Vodka).
The Lyon International Competition:

2015-silver (Jelzin Vanilla Vodka) medal;
2017-bronze (Jelzin Power Gold liqueur) medal.
Interesting facts
When trying to register the brand “Jelzin” in Russia, the French manufacturer failed: first it was refused by Rospatent, then the same verdict was made By the chamber for patent disputes. The applicant requested legal protection of the trademark for a class 33 product (alcoholic beverages). The patent offices argued that the name is a transliteration of the name of the first Russian President, the product is subconsciously perceived as produced in the Russian Federation, which can mislead consumers. In addition, GCF Group was unable to provide documents certifying the consent of Boris Yeltsin’s heirs to register such a trademark.

How to distinguish a fake
Vodka “Yeltsin” often becomes the subject of falsification. To be sure that the purchased product is not a fake, you should pay attention to the elements of the original packaging:

the bottom of the bottle is thickened and expanded, which gives it stability;
below the neck there is a fluted inscription ” B. Jelzin»;
the aluminum screw cap is equipped with a divider;
Tetrapak packaging is equipped with a convenient tap dispenser.
photo of vodka Yeltsin 3 liters
Large Tetrapack

Types of vodka Yeltsin
Jelzin Vodka, 37,5%

The flagship vodka of the brand, awarded two awards at the prestigious IWSC competition in London. It has a natural vodka aroma of medium intensity. In the foreground, you can feel the bread and cereal tones, complemented by sweet shades of meadow grasses. The taste is invigorating, moderately hard, with a light peppery and astringent aftertaste. The drink is good both for making cocktails based on it, and in the context of traditional use. It will make an ideal gastronomic pair for smoked salmon or caviar.

Jelzin Lemon Vodka, 37,5%
Vodka with a pronounced aroma of lemon and lime. It has a refreshing taste without harsh alcohol tones. To enhance the effect, you can use the drink as a base for a cocktail, which includes natural lemonade or fresh citrus. The manufacturer recommends serving the drink heavily chilled or with ice cubes.

Jelzin Black currant Vodka, 37,5%
Flavored vodka attracts a whole bouquet of smells-ripe berries, buds and leaves of black currant. The taste of the drink is characterized by velvety softness and a light chocolate-cognac tone. The aftertaste is long, smooth, with a slight berry tartness. Vodka perfectly manifests itself in cocktails with Apple juice and lemon slices, it can also be served simply with ice.

Jelzin Strawberry Vodka, 37,5%
In the aroma of vodka, you can clearly hear the tones of strawberries and grass heated by the summer sun. The taste is clean, full-bodied, without pronounced bitterness, it is dominated by shades of berry caramel, slightly starchy notes, an interesting symbiosis of pepper and confectionery sweetness. The drink will serve as an ideal base for a fruit cocktail such as Blue Orchid or Patatina.

Jelzin Vanille Vodka, 37,5%
Having felt the aroma of this vodka, it is impossible to make a mistake: this is the smell of vanilla from French Polynesia. Despite the creamy-sweet smell, there is only a slight echo of sweetness in the taste, which is harmoniously complemented by balsamic and mineral shades. This bouquet makes the drink an ideal component for long drinks: the usual “screwdriver” will get a vanilla flavor and a pleasant spice, a successful experiment will be a mix of vanilla vodka with ginger ale.

Jelzin Power Gold liqueur, 16,6%
The liqueur is bright Golden in color and has a powerful bouquet of aromas of ripe quince, peach and Apple. The fruit tones that predominate at first are gradually complemented by warm notes of ginger, shaded by the sweetness of honey and the spice of orange peel. The manufacturer has developed a recipe for a dark Gold cocktail, among the ingredients of which are Jelzin Vodka, liqueurs Jelzin Black and Jelzin Power Gold, natural lemonade. This mix won the audience award at the Calvados Cocktails Competition in Mont Real.

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